Destination Donuts

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Date: 7 November 2015

Location: North Market59 Spruce Street, Columbus, OH, 43215
With Destination Donuts being a part of Downtown Columbus’ North Market, this place is pretty easy to find. There is ample parking outside the building in the North Market parking lot and the Vine Street parking garages. The most difficulty you’ll have finding the place is getting through the crowds inside to get to their vending area.

Environment: The North Market is open and inviting with ample room for dining on the second floor. Unlike a few of the other vending areas however, Destination Donuts is take-away only as they don’t have any seating.

Price: All of their donuts are $3. They are a bit pricy for only being donuts, but as a treat ever now-and-again they’re well worth it. You do get your “bang for your buck” since these donuts are also quite large – about 5/6″ across and 3″ tall.

Quality: Everything is made in-house with local ingredients whenever possible. They make it a point to support the community and leave out all of the additives/preservatives and all the fake stuff.

Appearance: Stunning. The pictures on their website match the donuts on display. If anything, the ones on display look even more delicious.
Strawberry Chocolate Donut
Taste: Delectably sweet, but not overly sweet. The donut itself is a perfectly made vanilla donut with just the right amount of density. The chocolate drizzle is also wonderful, however it did overpower the other strawberry glaze – or perhaps the donut itself needs to be made with strawberries as well. The strawberry glaze itself was nice but a bit weak. Knowing some of the other flavors Destination Donuts has to offer, I will probably not be getting the Strawberry Chocolate flavor again.

Service: The staff are friendly and ready to explain their products – all you have to do is ask.

Score: 3 Stars. The texture of their donuts is the best of yeast donuts that have ever graced my palate. Unfortunately, I thought the strawberry flavor was overpowered by the chocolate. Other flavors offered at Destination Donuts are quite original and delicious. More reviews will be coming soon.

up-Date: 9 November 2015

Destination Donuts Review 2

I’ve already reviewed the place; the only changes I have to make are in taste and score.
NOM! I want more. It’s a nice vanilla base in the donut with a wonderfully aromatic glaze. It tastes exactly like its name and is extremely well balanced.

Score: 4 Stars. The texture and taste are both on point. I can’t wait to try more flavors.