Fox in the Snow Cafe


Date: 28 July 2015

Location: FOX IN THE SNOW, 1031 N 4TH ST, COLUMBUS, OH, 43201
Have your GPS on or Google Map>Street View this place. It’s a hidden gem in the Italian Village. If there was signage around the place I definitely didn’t see it. What I did see was this cinder block building painted dark green with the white outline of a fox in mid frolic. Parking and bike rack are available around the building.

Environment: Open, Industrial Minimalist, Calming
It’s a “mom and pop” re-purposed mason garage where you can watch the kitchen baking all the tasty treats. To keep it from feeling cold, the owners have spruced the place up with potted plants and worn wooden tables. It’s a lovely place to have breakfast or a casual coffee date.

Price: This places prides itself with all items being affordable, high quality food since everything on the menu is under $6. The portions are quite nice and well worth the money spent.

Quality: Everything is prepared in house and whoever is in charge of expediting knows what they’re doing. The pictures on their website matched everything that I saw during my hour stay for breakfast.

Appearance: Absolutely beautiful. The establishment itself was kept very clean. All of the baked goods on the menu are kept on display near the cash register so the staff can almost instantly give you what you ask for. Every single thing I saw come across their counter was made with love and care. I wish I had taken a picture of everything we had, but this post was a last minute development in my mind. You’ll just have to settle of the one picture I was able to take – of the sticky bun.

 Taste: We’ll break this down by each menu item we had.
STICKY BUN (Victoria): It’s the best sticky bun I’ve ever had, and I’ve had and made some damned good buns in my lifetime. I don’t really like sweet foods in the morning, but this thing looked too good in the case not to get, and I was pleasantly surprised – it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. It was the perfect balance with just enough syrupy glaze to keep the pecans together on the bun without drowning out the taste of the nuts and bread themselves.

GREEN TEA (Victoria): The quality of the tea leaves themselves was great, however for my cup of water there should have only been about a teaspoon of leaves in my strainer bag. Instead, I was given a tablespoon and they had already put my teabag in my cup for me. By the time I picked it up and got back to my table I couldn’t really salvage it since 1) there were too many leaves and 2) it had already steeped too long. I’m a tea connoisseur and I like my green tea to steep between 1.5-2 minutes. I would still order this again, but next time I’ll specify to let me steep the tea while I’m ordering.

EGG SANDWICH (Ilona): The souffleed egg sandwich proved to be an excellent breakfast option, and it’s a huge step above any egg sandwich I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, I was too eager to eat it and forgot to snap a picture. It is not a huge sandwich, but the portion size is large enough to fill your stomach for hours. It was a perfect balance of crisp on the outside/soft on the inside white bread, scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, and tangy sauce. The entire sandwich held together without a customary toothpick, and it was not messy to eat at all. In true hipster fashion, it came served on a cutting board.

ESPRESSO (Ilona): I will admit straightaway that I am no coffee connoisseur. “Good” coffee to me is, “This is tolerable enough for me to swallow without gagging.” However, I did consult some official criteria on how to rate espresso to give it a more detailed review. 1) The shot’s consistency was thicker than regular coffee (not watery at all) and had a nice, thick golden brown crema on top that didn’t fall flat after a few minutes. 2) It had a predictably bitter taste but was not overwhelming; and it had no trace of sourness. It also did a great job waking me up early in the morning. I was quite tired (and accidentally took someone’s gorgeous latte but the staff quickly noticed before I took a sip), and this definitely did the trick.

Service: The staff are friendly and knowledgeable on all their products. The owners purposefully only list the menu items so you have to ask the staff what’s in each product – making the experience personalized for everyone that comes in. Depending on the product you choose it may be handed to you just after you order (the baked goods). Most things are made to order; and you have the choice of sitting at a table and it brought to you or you can wait next to the counter and carry it to your seat yourself. After finishing your meal don’t forget to clear your table and take your dishes to the dishpan under the counter where you can pick up cutlery/utensils/etc.

Score: 3 Stars. We want to give this place 4 Stars because it was overall a lovely experience; and we suspect we’ll become regulars, however, if you read our scoring criteria, we’ll have to give this place 3 Stars. The only reason we can’t give it 4 Stars is because it doesn’t really have anything that struck us as unique. We’ve seen stuff like this before. If we go back in the future and they have a menu item that is purely something they’ve made their own, then we’d love to publish a retraction and give them 4 Stars.

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