Level: Easy

Makes: 2 Servings

Picture of roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes.
Great as a dinner side dish, I love roasted brussels in a balsamic reduction – especially since this dish is packed with potassium and vitamin C.

12 Brussel Sprouts
1 Medium/Large Potato
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1/2 Cup Balsamic Vinegar






1 Cutting Board
1 Chef’s Knife
1 Medium/Large Mixing Bowl
Aluminum Foil
1 Baking Sheet
1 Small Saucepan

Preheat oven to 400F or 200C. Clean the brussel sprouts, cut off the bad parts then slice half lengthwise. Chop the potato into small cubes. Add potato and brussels into mixing bowl. Pour oil and seasoning over veggies and mix together by hand being sure all pieces have a light coating of oil.

Line your baking sheet with tin foil – this is optional, but makes the clean-up process go a lot faster. Evenly spread out your veggie mix on your sheet and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until they start to brown.

Put 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar in small saucepan. Simmer and stir on medium-high heat until about half of the liquid has evaporate and vinegar becomes somewhat thick.

Once your veggies are nice and browned put back into mixing bowl and drizzle on balsamic reduction. Toss or stir until well coated.


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